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15th-Aug-2009 10:20 pm(no subject)
You know music can be so decieving. We can sit there listening to such catchy upbeat tunes, blurting out lyrics obliviously. Most of us don't even notice the words, the lyrics don't seem to matter, it's all about the beat right? Well the words DO matter when those words you so carelessly toss from your lips are mysogynistic filth! So many songs can wrap us up in pretty melodies and fun rythms while dipping just beneath this lighthearted veneer are sexist commentaries on the role of women in society. Truth is ladies we are nothing but a piece of ass, to be tumbled and bedded then tossed aside for the next sex pot to walk past. We do not possess intelligence. We do not deserve respect, after all we are subhuman next to the male gender. Our place is in submissiveness. In this "world" we are either sluts and whores or we are bitches, whatever the case, our role is clear: it is beneath a man. Or so these "catchy" songs would have us believe. Many would be appalled to be confronted with these words. They would adamnantly insist that this is not the case! That whoever could make such claims are ignorant mysogynistic asses who are behind the times. Yet as soon as we slap a fun beat over these words it's "okay", we just sing a long happily because really you know, it's just ABOUT THE BEAT. "The music's still good." "I don't listen to it for the words." Well if you find yourself making these excuses then begin to question it. Listening to this sort of music is damaging on a deeper level than we are even aware. It's subconcious. Our current pop culture is constantly bombarding us with these messages in a day and age that we are supposed to be "equal". We are supposed to be valued and respected, in fact, we demand it! I leave it to you now, just consider it.

Over and out.

p.s. You can thank 3Oh!3 for the onset of this particular rant.
8th-Aug-2009 01:36 am(no subject)
Surrealist Dentist.
18th-Jan-2008 10:44 am(no subject)
 I am in Chestertown, Marylannd!!!...where's that? Well I'll tell you. It's this tiny-barely-on-the-map colonial town in the middle of NOWHERE on Maryland's Eastern Shore. I'm talking, there is only one road that leads here. Some of the houses here are built soooooo close together there is literrally a handswidth between them. O.O My Dad and I are still contemplating how they managed to put the siding on the house in that itty bitty space. So this town is somewhere between bored-out-of-my-living-mind-there-isn't-even-a-walmart-within-30-miles and quaint-colonial-town-on-the-skirts-of-chester-river-near-the-chesapeake-bay-where-there-is-still-nothing-to-do-but-fish-for-miles. XD Maybe I'm being unfair, I haven't even seen the town in daylight yet. lol. This trip has been an adventure and I'm having tons of fun, never doubt it! ^^ And oh my god you guys!!!@^&(^$%^&%^&*!!!!!!! It SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got to see real snow! I got to play in real snow! I got to make a real snowball!!!! Oh, my dad's beckoning me back to the room (I'm in the business lounge of this really nice hotel. lol Shoutout to lizzie if she's ever on here!). We've got to check out in 10 minutes.

I love you guys!

16th-Dec-2007 07:51 pm(no subject)

I <3 you guys. ^^
18th-Nov-2007 11:12 pm(no subject)
 So I'm feeling pretty angry but grateful at the moment. I'll explain. Why are people so freaking HORRIBLE to each other? How can people be so inhumane and just downright cruel! I almost feel more compassion for a murderer than some of these people in the middle east. In Saudi Arabia a woman was raped last year and she brought charges up against the man who committed the crime. The man was convicted, but so was she. The rapist got a jail sentence. The woman, the innocent VICTIM is being charged an outrageous fine and 200 LASHES. What the hell? That is so warped! You want to know what the justification for this is? Due to Saudia Arabian law it is illegal to fraternize alone with men who are not in her immediate family... That is BULLSHIT!!!! This is why there is so much hatred in this world and racism and why muslims and stuff get such a bad rap because of the damn corrupted GOVERNMENTS! 

Then there is the American government, which I usually don't like to complain about because I think we should be grateful that we have our government rather than some of the other governments out there (like Saudi Arabia or Venezuela and countless others). But today, grr. Politics is so freaking corrupted and people are so god**** greedy! This marine went to Iraq and was attacked by a suicide bomber and basically had his face melted off and bits of his skull blown in and one of his arms exploded. It's a miracle the guy even survived, they had to do major reconstructive surgery, remove a huge section of his skull and brain. He is severely disfiguired and disabled. Now, I don't blame the government for this guy being maimed because of the war and other such shit. But the VA , who are the people from the U.S. Treasury that compensate injured veterans, they are despicable! They figure out the money the veteran will recieve due to certain percentages assigned to their injuries. This guy is completely disfigured, missing some fingers and an arm, partially blind, sustained brain damage, among other injuries and they send him a check for $1200 a month which is supposedly enough for him and his wife to live on. That is ridiculous! The man will never be able to properly work again and they are forced to settle w/ 1200 dollars a month for the rest of their lives! Here are the percentages assigned to his injuries: 80% for Facial Disfigurement, 10% for the missing arm, and 0% for partial blindness, brain damage, and some other thing that I can't remember at the moment. 

Dammit, I should really quit watching the news, it only pisses me off. If it's not politicians, it's rapists and murderes, if it's not animal cruelty, it's evil dictators. To sum ot all off I hate the human capacity for evil.

Oh and these damn Japanese whalers are going to slaughter over 1,000 hump-backed whales (which has been outlawed by the UN since the 70s) this whaling season and you know what that's supposedly in the name of? Science. 

Maybe if I move to Antartica and live with the penguins in their natural habitat I'll be safe from the world. No wait, they'll probably just make another movie.

Okay, gratefulness. I'm grateful that I'm alive, I'm grateful that my life is comfortable and that my parents our such  amazing loving people, I'm grateful that all I have to worry about is getting into the right college and making good grades. I'm grateful for my friends. I'm grateful for THEY. 

Okay, enough ranting for one night.
Good night dears,
Sleep Peacefuly.

So I'm definately just posting this so you guys can see this icon. XD ^^ The 7th Harry Potter book was AMAZING. I cannot believe how wonderfully beautiful it turned out to be. The writing and the emotions thus illicited made the book so POWERFUL and intense. I'm definately going with "BEst HP book yet" . ^_________________^ Kage we missed you so after you left! I wish you could have stayed longer. I loved squealing and squeeing, jumping and clapping, and generally acting like spellbound little fan girls together. Too bad you left before the tears started pouring. :( You, I have to say are the perfect companion to a sleepless night and a looooooong HP book. XD I love you guys and am definately wondering when our next get together will be.

Ta for now my fur-less friends!
Many <3's

JUNIOR TRIP was a blast!!! Except for the bit when our tire blew on the short bus at 5 in the morning. And the bit just before it when we left at three and I couldn't sleep and kept squirming thus waking Lizzie up every two minutes, OH and those few minutes I'd convinced myself my thumb was dying because Lizzie's head was cutting off circulation in my arm. XD Aw, sweet harmony... No really, it was a lot of fun. The amusement park wasn't half bad and Lizzie and I both braved the death-defying body slides (YES all three!). Then staying at the skating rink till midnight was pretty scweet too. There was an indoor PLAYGROUND you guys!!! O.o WITH A BALL PIT!!! OMGFRSTY! I felt like I was 6 years old again! Despite the fact that the tunnels seemed freakishly small, and the foundations of the play ground shook underneath the wait of 20 or so high schoolers scampering around within its walls. ^^ Simply brilliantly amazingly exhaustingly fun. Even if we didn't get hardly any sleep. XD

10th-Apr-2007 08:59 pm(no subject)

Have you guys heard about the guy at Daphne who got arrested for hacking? XD Yeah, SO my neighbor. Way to go Matt. Poor soul, he's in a LOT of trouble. :( Facing federal charges in fact. Is is kind of mean that I find this vaguely amusing?

Okay, gotta go. We have a Junior class meeting. I think we're getting our junior shirts tonight. Fingers crossed that they'll actually  be good. Garotte, you BETTER come. XD ilu guys


6th-Apr-2007 05:16 pm(no subject)
Okay you guys that one page is really confusing because of all the comments we posted. XD Are we going to do get together this afternoon or what?
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